New ant blog about southeastern ants.

Well, I decided to start a blog about ant of the Southeast. Why not, I have lots of info.



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2 Responses to New ant blog about southeastern ants.

  1. Mollie Talbert says:

    I never took an interest in ants until I moved to TN. The reason why is this…every now and then I see s wasp size, bright red ant w/black horizontal stripes around it’s body. It travels fast and it seems to travel alone. It dodges in and out of cracks easily. I’m assuming it bites because of it’s beautiful but threatening color. it’s the biggest ant I’ve ever seen. I’ve looked through the internet for info but can’t find any on this particular ant. I’d like to know if in fact it does bite and why it travels alone?

    • joemacgown says:

      Hey, well at least you have finally taken an interest in ants;) They are super interesting once you start watching them. The creature you described is not an ant, but is actually a wingless wasp in the family Mutillidae. Its scientific name is Dasymutilla occidentalis. Because it does resemble a large ant, it has often been called a velvet ant. They do sting! This species does not nest communally like many wasps, bees, and ants. Instead, it wanders along until it finds its host, which has been reported to be bumblebees that nest in the ground. Apparently, they may actually parasitize a ground nesting species. Here is a link for you:

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